Maintenance of the spa during the winter

The beneficial effects of the spa for health and well-being are known to all and to benefit from those effects for many years, we must not forget the cleaning and regular maintenance of the spa. Many users wonder what they have to do with their spa in winter, so that their spa is of good quality, some maintenance steps are necessary. Use a high-quality spa like those from tropic spa, the leading provider of wellness equipment.

Maintenance of the spa during the winter.

In order to take advantage of a great dose of relaxation inside the spa even in winter, some maintenance is necessary. The cold of winter can damage the spa causing major repairs. To conserve the water in the jacuzzi, you must empty the spa to clean it, paying particular attention to the filters and fill it again with a sufficient water level, check the quality of the water that should have a pH between 7.2 and 7.4 with a temperature around 25 ° C. To be able to use the spa all year round, you must treat the spa water and heat it, to the out-of-use state, use an isothermal cover to maintain the water temperature. When deciding not to use the spa tub during the winter, you can winterize by draining the spa and all its hoses, and hermetically close the spa with a protective cover.

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